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Home Inspection PROTOCOL - Coronavirus


Working Together for a Safe Home Inspection

  • 1: Tools / Gloves / Indoor shoes / Hands / Face are sanitized before entering the home.
  • Wash hands and gloves often,  the virus can transmit from gloves.
  • 2: Become more mindful of your environment and people within it (watch for signs)
  • 3: No more handshakes,  waves only!
  • 4: Keep a safe distance (6 feet) from others whenever possible. (This is a tough one)
  • 5: Limit the number of people attending the inspection to yourself and agents only.
  • 6: Avoid touching your face during an inspection, carry wipes with you. Wear indoor footwear when possible.
  • 7: Meet your Agent at your inspection, use separate vehicles for now.

For every inspection, I will have available the following:

Wipes / Hand Sanitiser / Gloves / Masks (if requested)

Service Area

Service Area
Certified Master Inspector

Elite Home Inspections (Rural Property Specialist) serves an approx. 200 Km radius surrounding Edmonton. Travel to these exciting areas is always included at no additional charge. I do not promote Good / Better / Best Inspection packages, my Advanced Level inspections are thorough and very complete utilizing the best technology available. Every report is custom-built with no canned reports adding in a few deficiencies. On average over 250 to 300 photos are collected at each inspection which you have access to. Solutions and recommendations are always included. Having the best equipment is just one part of the inspection, combined with decades of rural property experience you are assured of the most advanced inspection beyond industry standards.

Inspection Fees

Certified Master inspector, carpenter with 40+ years of construction experience, rural property specialist. Expert D.I.Y professional. My reputation and integrity comes with each inspection. Honesty, transparency along with a caring mindset will earn your trust. Continuing education along with real-life experience makes certain you will receive measurable value from my service.


Septic and Well Inspections
Fireplace & Woodstove Inspection
WETT Certified Inspector

Purchasing a home with Septic / Well or Solid Fuel Systems, it is very important to have these systems professionally inspected. Every EHI Rural Property Inspection includes Septic / Well and WETT Inspections. 

When properly installed and maintained, these very important systems should provide years of trouble-free, low-cost service. Annual inspections are recommended, when you understand these systems you can perform your own maintenance inspections, Let me show you how. 

EHI Septic Inspection

Conducting an EHI Septic System Inspection:

Location of the Septic Tank /Drainage/Leaching Field 

Visual Inspection of the septic tank access, interior of the septic tank, baffles, electrical components and testing septic pump.

Testing high-level alarms (if installed) along with float switches.

Inspection of all electrical components as required.

Equipment used: HD Camera / Custom built pole HD Camera for interior tank inspection / Infrared Camera / HD Flashlights / Electrical Testers. 

EHI Water Well Inspection

Conducting an EHI Well System Inspection:

Location of the Well Head/Cistern 

Visual Inspection of the Well Head, the interior of the well casing, pitless adapter, electrical components include testing well pump for electrical load.

Testing low water level alarms (if installed) along with pressure switch, pressure tank, related plumbing equipment.

GPM Flow Test / Pressure System Test / Service Flow Test - Review of Well Drillers Report (if available) Identify well casing type.

Inspection of all electrical components as required.

Equipment used: HD Camera / Infrared Camera / HD Flashlights / Electrical Testers. 

EHI WETT Inspection (Wood Energy Technology Transfer)

Conducting an EHI WETT Level 1 Inspection:

Level-1 Inspection — “Readily Accessible” Readily Accessible is defined as quickly or easily reached for inspection. A level-1 inspection does not require the use of special tools for the opening or removal of any panel, door, covering, or system components; nor (unless at the discretion of the inspector and client) would it require the use of ladders. An inspector should be able to inspect any moveable components of the fireplace, appliance or venting system that are readily accessible. Examples would be components utilized during normal operation or visual inspection by the user of the system, such as readily accessible loading doors, primary combustion chamber, ashpan doors, cleanout doors, dampers, air controls, etc. 

Equipment used: HD Camera / Infrared Camera / HD Flashlights / Electrical Testers / Aerial Camera, tape measure, light, mirror, camera, magnet, pole camera and/or other basic tools should comprise (but are not limited to) the typical tools required to perform for this level of inspection

Having the best equipment is just one part of the inspection, combined with decades of rural property experience you are assured of the best possible assessment of your system

It's all about helping you understand your new home.

Make Sure You Have All The Facts About A Property Before You Make Any Decisions

With every EHI Home Rural Inspection, you will receive a wealth of information, Home Maintenance Manual, Water Well Report, Water Test Kit, Flow Test Report, WETT Inspection report, Working Well Fact Sheets about your Well/Septic/Cistern along with a EHI folder to store all your important papers including your Professional Home Inspection report from EHI.

At EHI, it doesn't end with the home inspection, once you are settled into your new home we will be here for you, to answer questions or you may just need some advice.
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